🌎Welcome to Filenova

Filenova is a low-Gas and lightning-fast Filecoin L2 blockchain,powered by OP Stack.

Filenova will detonatœe the Filecoin ecology

The Filecoin ecology has always lacked an explosive project that can empower the FIL currency,Even if the FVM appears, there is no solution to this problem. The construction of the Filecoin network is based on storage rather than trading. Filecoin's main network 30 TPS limits the development of the Filecoin ecology, The problem, the use scenario of FIL currency will always be limited

Filenova releases Filecoin's storage ability

Filecoin's huge amount of storage space has not been effectively used, it is difficult to store truly valuable data

œIn the past development chain tour/GameFi project, NFT was mostly stored on a centralized server, and the data may be lost at any time. Filenova opened all the storage and transaction processes of NFT.

Filenova solves the problem of the congestion of Filecoin's main network transaction

Filenova uses a mature OP Stack framework

Filecoin itself is built for network storage. The capacity of the transaction on the chain cannot support large -scale Gamefi applications. Filenova has a Layer 2 level transaction speed.

Filenova greatly reduces trading costs

Different from other Layer2 networks using ETH as a fuel token, Filenova uses FIL tokens as fuel, and uses FileCoin as a DA layer, and saves Layer2's block data on FileCoin, which greatly reduces the EVM chain transaction cost. At present, Arbitrum.Optimism spends fuel costs on Ethereum each year, up to 70 million US dollars, and Filenova's handling fee is only 30% of other Layer2 networks

Upgrade the FIL to storage fuel+trading fuel

Limited to the TPS of the main network of Filecoin, the main network is long -term congestion and the transaction volume is limited. At present, FIL is mainly used as data storage fuel. Filenova uses the FIL tokens as GAS fees, which greatly expands the use scenario of FIL currency.The DEFI, Gamefi, and Web3.0 projects on the chain will use FIL as fuel costs. The next departure of the FIL price must be as an ecological token.

Filenova seamlessly migrate the web2 project to web3

Filenova also has the trading speed of Layer2 and the storage capacity and security of Filecoin. It solves the pain point of the traditional web2 project to Web3. EVM compatibility allows Filenova to be compatible with the various new protocols of ERC20.

Web3.0 application will explode

The current blockchain is still a financial market. All DEFI products are served and traded for the distribution and trading of Token. With the expansion of the launch of the Layer2 network in 2023, it will be changed, especially Filecoin, Arweave, Filenova,Web3.0, which is laid and mature for the storage network and EVM networks, will really have the actual use value and application scenarios.

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